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​​​Combine these water saving irrigation design features with the latest in water saving  technologies and you can achieve significant savings on water bills. and water usage.  

      Consider, for example: 

  •  Smart Controllers
  •  Weather stations
  •  Moisture Sensors
  •  Rain and Freeze Sensors
  •  Off-Site Monitoring Capabilities

​​​​In addition to saving money through reduced water use, the state-of-the-art products we offer can help reduce property maintenance costs in several ways.

  • First, they allow for constant monitoring of a system so that the precise nature and location of any irrigation issue is identified immediately when it arises. This enables the issue to be addressed before it has a chance to lead to costly plant replacements.

  • Second, with the nature and location of an issue already identified, an irrigation repair technician can go right to the source of the problem without having to spend time locating and diagnosing. This results in time and repair cost savings.

  • Third, using these products, SouthWest Landscape Inc., can design and install a system that self-adjusts for changing weather and local watering restrictions. This eliminates the time, trouble and expense involved in periodic manual controller adjustments to watering schedules and reduces the chance for programming errors.

Our knowledgeable, experienced and credentialed irrigation staff, services all brands of sprinklers. You can be confident when you call that we will have the right personnel, the right equipment, and the right parts available to address whatever issue you have. We also can help you avoid the expense of maintaining a staff of professional irrigators by standing available to perform all maintenance and repair functions for you! 

  •  Subsurface Drip Irrigation
  •  Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  •  Irrigation Using Low Emitting Nozzles


Whether designing and installing a new irrigation system or retrofitting an existing one, SouthWest Landscape Inc.'s expert, in-house irrigation design staff can incorporate a number of water saving design features into the architecture of your  irrigation system, including:
Our planning process is built around you. You’ll collaborate with our world-renowned landscape architects to meticulously plan every detail without breaking your budget.

      The planning phase happens like this:

  • Initial consultation between you and a lead landscape architect
  • Delivery of detailed plan and budget document 
  • Follow up meeting with you to answer questions and get your stamp of approval
Distribution Uniformity
There is a problem with the 'DU' (distribution uniformity) within an irrigation system when a landscape reveals spots of dry turf, or small spots in planter beds that are constantly dry. Adjusting or replacing existing sprinkler nozzles can solve these problems in some cases.

Water Management

Irrigation Management
Managing an efficient sprinkler system on a large landscape, professionally, is a science today. We understand you need the water managed closely, and you need it done correctly. The California drought demands that we monitor, measure and manage the distribution of water at a close range in Southern California. SouthWest Landscape Inc. has 35 years of experience working on irrigation systems and keeping them running efficiently end-to-end. If you need your monthly water bills to be 'in compliance' with a prescribed water budget; please connect with us to manage your irrigation levels and provide monthly reporting. ​

     Monitoring Irrigation System Performance 

We know that in order to accurately manage the water distribution on a landscaped property ~ We need to be crystal clear on the performance of existing irrigation system installed. We need to manage irrigation controllers to distribute water on days and at times set by a property's water district or city water provider.