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30+ Years of Experience in Property Management.

"I just got some feedback on today's inspection for ...... wanted to let you know that the landlord thought that the property looked wonderful! She thought the property looked very clean and crisp, thanks to all of your extra efforts.

She specifically mentioned that the color change you guys just did really made the place "pop" and commented that she was really happy that she could not spot a single palm tree pod or what she calls 'crack weed" anywhere on the property. She also throught you guys did a great job trimming the tree behind the...building.

Way to go SouthWest Landscape!"                                                                                                                              T. Smith

                                                                                                                             Property Manager

What licenses, professional expertise does SouthWest Landscape have?

  • C­27 contractors license # 430715
  • Pesticide Applicators License # 01830
  • Certified Landscape Technician certificate
  • Certified Arborist
  • Certified Tree Risk Assessor
  • Certified Water Auditor

Our Quality Assurance Program is so effective, that we feel confident enough in it to offer a warranty for all of our services. We provide a 3 year workmanship warranty on any landscape we install and maintain, as well as any plant material that we install and maintain. Irrigation equipment that we install and maintain is also backed by a one year warranty. Warranties do not cover items such as annual plantings or situations or factors beyond our control.

Improved Landscapes Through Managed Care


Please Click on the Picture below to hear a testimonial from the Property Manager whom manages this property receiving a water efficient renovation.