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Goal Acheived! Water Use Is Reduced!

* Proper water scheduling within the irrigation controller is what makes the achieved water reduction a sustainable. Water use bills from agencies will be lower. 

Receive $ Rebate Money

* SoCal WaterSmart then issues a check for the agreed rebate amount following installation verification, to the same person listed on the water bill. Other rebate programs will also issue rebates in this manner as well.

Pass Inspection

* Site inspection by qualified rebate program inspector is completed onsite verifying all approved, planned, enhancements are installed accordingly. 

Pay For The Plan to be Installed

* SouthWest Lansdcape Inc. provides all the rebate program(s) administrators copies of the paid invoices for installation costs. 

Install the Plan/Design

* SouthWest Landscape Inc., installs the approved plan enhancements that are agreed upon by all. All installations and renovations are completed within the '60-day' window set forth by SoCal WaterSmart.

Reserve Your Rebate

* Request a 'Reservation #'. SoCal Watersmart will assign a rebate reservation number to your project within 6-8 weeks of the request. When the reservation number is granted, details to
'pre-inspect' the existing landscape to verify qualifications are communicated.

Share Plan

* Three copies of the final design plan may be needed by the local City planning offices. A copy of the plan for intended renovation is to be given to the local water agency, and potentially metropolitan water district. 

Approve Proposal

* Launch the process by approving the proposed landscape design enhancements qualified for rebate funds. When the design is set in stone, and all parties are in agreement, final and actionable plans can be produced.

Make A Plan/Design

* Create a plan to renovate the landscape, and work in as many rebates as 'ownership' chooses to leverage towards installing a more water efficient landscape overall. Design plan criterion is dictated by the City planning department or the local water agency's rebate inspector.

Find Out What $ Is Available

* Compile all correlating rebate programs and incentives offered by the local water agency, and the city, and metropolitan water district. Measure, count and multiply the details to approximate the gross rebate possible.

Check With Your City

* City planning departments have guidelines to follow for large scale rebates in many areas. The criterion set from the City offices is to be defined and incorporated into the overall plan of execution at this point. 













Rebates Available? City Requirements for renovations? SoCal Watersmart Verifications? Eligibility?  Qualifying Controllers? Turf Rebate Amounts? Springkler programs? Cash poor options? How much is 20%? How do we know if enough is saved? 

SouthWest Landscape, Inc. can provide you with the correct answers to all of these questions. Request a Schedule an onsite property review appointment with our experts: 

Renovate for Water Efficiency in 12 Steps:

Acheive Water Efficiency

Assess Your Landscape

* Take Inventory. How many 'high use' plants, or in-efficient sprinkler heads are on the property. How many square feet of lawn are you interested in converting to planter space? 

We Renovate To Create Low Water Use Landscapes.