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Measure its Worth
By simply taking a 'survey' of your owners and/or tenants within your buildings can yield valuable information in regards to the landscape. Quantifying the collective answers to questions like: "How much did the look and feel of the outdoor landscape influence your decision to become an owner or tenant in this building?", "Would attractive landscaping in newer buildings be a factor in causing you to relocate?" or "On a scale of 1-10; How important is it to you that property management renovate the landscape to maximize water savings?" - will provide a clear answer for a property manager or ownership group whether to spend money on a landscape enhancement.
Turn Over A New Leaf
Thank Goodness Mother Nature is Renewable! 'Turning over a new leaf' is so easy in a landscape in comparison to changing a life-habit. Here are 3 easy steps SouthWest takes to provide the property manager with a 'no-hassle, stress free' curb appeal landscape enhancement project.
1. We meet with you, listen to your budget, your needs, and your priorities and schedule to show you our design draft.
2. At the 'Draft Design Review' meeting, SouthWest Landscape Inc. customizes the design by request, creating a plan for new 'Curb Appeal' on property. At this meeting all details around installation are communicated; plant types, irrigation modification specifics, city planning requirments necessary ( if any), investment level, anticipated completion date, and the water impact this installation will affect.
​3. Install the Design, and enjoy the view!

Design & Installation

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Curb Appeal
The personal attraction of working/living in buildings that are beautiful 'in their approach' is a very real point of influence while making a decision of where would they prefer to work or live. An attractive, manicured outdoor environment creates a feeling that permeates the confidence and security of those which 'identify' with it.
  • Skipping the 'psycho-babble' updating the style of a landscape helps owners and tenants feel established in that environment, lowering vacancies.
  • SouthWest's in-house landscape design and installation department can deliver more long term value to your property than a simple 'fashion update'.

                 Curb Appeal Improvements Increase

Perceived Property Values

It's True : Perceived Landscape Value is Skin Deep