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Serving with a passion in delivering a legendary customer service experience

​Embracing the goal of providing legendary customer service extends to all those who experience the results of our labor and expertise. Pride of ownership extends beyond the 4-walls of a home, it can accompany you on your stroll through your common areas too! 


* Ask to schedule a property walk with the entire landscape committee for group education about the plant material and irrigation distribution active in the community

Hoa Landscape Maintenance in Santa Ana

Your Neighborhood ; Our Commitment of Stewardship 

We Believe Caring for the 'Life' in your Community Begins Outdoors

Expertise of care is evident in a landscape when the inter-dependencies between water, soil

and plant life are managed beautifully, in a unified environment.

Homeowner  Associations

Expertise That Will Serve Your Community

​Our full service approach and diversification combines talented teams with dedicated managers who work together to meet client objectives. Property owners rely on us to manage their landscape without the need of outside contractors, whether it is landscape installation, maintenance, interior plantscape, tree care, water management, or pest control. We have a team possible, which is backed by our Quality Assurance Guarantee