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Planter Beds

* Mulching
* ​Irrigation retrofiting

Seasonal Flowers​

* Design
* ​Fertilization
* Annual program

Tree Care​

* Pruning
* ​Fertilization
* Removals

* Staking

* Healthcare

​* Cabling

Plant Care​

* Pruning
* ​Fertilization
* Pest Control

* Lacing

* Propagation

Lawn Care

* Aeration
* ​Mowing
* Re-seeding
* Dethatching
* Fertilization

In so many of us, there is the heart of a 'Nature Lover'. It's not something we have a choice about, it's just there. We recognize that often in communities a Member of the Board or a group inside the 'Landscape Committee' can be 'Nature Lover's that are putting their passion to a useful cause by getting involved in their community.

At SouthWest Landscape Inc., we strive to create a positive and mutually supportive relationship with our client communities and their leadership groups.

We all want our home landscape to project an atmosphere of life, fertility, tidiness, efficiency and natural beauty. We want an outdoor environment that is clean, blooming, free of pests and welcoming to butterflies.

Attractive curb appeal and nicely landscaped exterior spaces contribute to the strength of supporting property values and occupancy rates.

​​Property owners and managers can rest assured knowing they have a partner who is protecting their investment.

24 Hour Emergency Service
Licensed and Insured
Uniformed Team Members
Company Vehicle Identification
Digital Two Way Communication
Green Waste Recycling
Excellent Safety Program

Design services in-house

Turf Removal Rebate Assistance

Certified Arborist on Staff​

Homeowner  Associations

Expertise That Will ​Serve Your Community

Our Work Speaks for Itself

There’s nothing more important than your house’s landscape, so we tackle every project like it was our own. This commitment to landscape excellence has resulted in a list of very satisfied clients. We’d love to add your name to it.

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