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  Curb Appeal  with Water Efficiency

Water efficient landscape renovations that involve turf removals enhance the curb appeal of any property ~ compliance can actually boost tenant and resident occupancy.

All of these problems are solved with the professional installation of a well designed landscape plan. Ergonomic use, micro-climates, motif of style, water mandates, trend, location, cost, city requirements, and needs of the owners are all important factors designers at SouthWest Landscape Inc. incorporate to every design we create and install for our clients.

Want to look at something in your common areas to is more attractive? Need an open space to become more useful for 'community use'? Is a large lawn sucking away your monthly water budget? 



In Southern California we enjoy a climate that affords successful planting of an extremely wide variety of trees, perennials, shrubs, groundcover, grasses and seasonal flowers. The strategic organization of a select mixture of various plant materials is an art.

SouthWest Landscape Inc., employs capable designers on staff in-house whom collaborate with our clients to arrive at the design that will enhance property appearance and meet budget constraints as well.