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Tree Management & Services

Tree Management & Service

Pruning and Maintenance

Trees do not 'recover' from a poor pruning in the same way our hair returns after a bad hair cut. Tree pruning is a task that must be performed by a professional Arborist. Creating beautiful, mature tree canopy's on a property is an action realized over many years, and many prunnings. Professional tree maintenance, over time, nurtures the their shape, strength and seasonal characteristics.  

Tree Pruning Services can be carried out onsite within your annual commercial budget alotment, or on an 'as needed' basis.  Customary maintenance such as trimming, shaping, crown thinning, pruning of branches, tree staking/anchoring or an overall size reduction, are practices our tree crew delivers on a daily basis with minimal disturbance to surrounding areas. 

Budgets & Planning

Our commercial clients enjoy an annualized management plan to support their budgeting process which property owners need. SouthWest Landscape Inc., is comfortable and collaborative with the client commercial property managers we work with. We understand that the maintenance 'needs of nature' in the life-cycle of a tree, and the budgetary constraints of a property need to reconcile. Multi-year management plans are available upon request. Planning the health and wellness for trees, by viewing those needs annually, for the total inventory of trees on each property helps avoid unexpected tree loss in the future.


Tree Maps are a service SouthWest Landscape, Inc., can provide to assist property management with identifying the specific locations, on property, for each specie of tree. A visual 'plot plan' type of tree inventory, as opposed to an itemized list provides added value to some landscape committees and/or property managers.


Removal of trees that have died or have contracted some form of fungus or disease it the best strategy when the tree has been neglected or when budgetary constraints do not allow for proper medication to heal. Many of us feel that 'tree removal' is simply an option that is 'no fun'. We will empathize with you, yet bringing a tree to full health from death is not a real option, and needs to be accepted. The age, distribution of weight in the branching, soil stability for roots, allergies and upward space for canopy spread, are all factors that are considered when a removal is in question.

Relocation & Preservation

​Relocating a mature tree takes finesse, and skill for it to be successful. In some cases transplanting can become cost prohibitive due to size and structure of the branching, and the size of equipment that it would demand to complete the task successfully. Relocations of trees are successful when they are in strong health, and are moving to an identical climate zone & soil type, and the root system is able to be minimally disturbed through the relocation process. Large, mature trees require excavation and a season of 'storing' before it can be replanted into its new location.


SouthWest Landscape Inc., is able to perform complete tree risk assessments, tree health evaluations and tree consultant reporting professionally by ISA Certified Arborist, and Certified Tree Risk Assessor. Tree risk assessment reporting evaluates the condition of health for mature trees, can assess any health hazards, and can help to ascribe helpful strategies for length of life

​         Skill Does Matter !

  • Beautiful, awe-inspiring tree canopies can capture anyone's

        attention on a nice evening with proper landscape lighting. . .

  • Yes, you could say, we are the 'tree hugging' kind.

  • Trimming trees to grow into a fuller expression of

        themselves is an art.

  • We don't 'spike up' the trunks of huge trees or palms;

       we have a bucket truck to protect our professionals,

       and to protection tree trunks from exposure to infection.

​​ImproveOutdoor Air Quality

We invite you to improve upon your tree concerns. Allowing trees to grow to their own height limit is much healthier for the tree, it's true ~ yet have you considered how much oxygen is produced, and how much carbon is cleaned in our outdoor air quality thanks to our immediately surrounding trees? The more automobile traffic that is in close proximity to your business building, the more tree canopy's need to be planted to clean the air from pollution. 

Commercial Tree Care Services

Professionally Trimmed Mature Tree Canopies, add Prominence and Stature

to a Business's Exterior Surrounding