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True Employee Success Story !

​SouthWest Landscape Inc., opened it's door for business 35 years ago, and is fully invested in nurturing a company culture that is one of integrity, quality, loyalty and strength. Time is very valuable to each of us, and we want to make sure that every person on our team is working with people who are not, 'just passing through'. 

Every day Southwest Landscape Inc., is at work, taking care of landscapes from Northridge to Temecula. Our business has grown on customer referrals; so delivering a service of high expertise for our clients, coupled with legendary customer service is of paramount importance. 

If you consider yourself a good worker whom is interested in working with a team like this; please fill out the employment application online, from the top of this page, or apply in person at our corporate headquartered office located at:

2205 S. Standard, Santa Ana, CA 92707,

between the hours of 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

any day during the week.

True Story ! 

If You Have A Passion for Doing Excellent Work,and would want the support of a strong company to be loyal to your honest, consistent, and energetic work ethic ~ SouthWest Landscape, Inc. needs to be a company you consider.

In 35 years of business, the 1st & 2nd employees, which were hired 35 years ago, are still working for the company. Over the years they each have grown in skill, have gained citizenship, have increased his wages, and authority on the job. Each have even become homeowners and started families.

At SouthWest Landscape Inc., when someone with a heart of gold, loyally works on the job seeking excellence; they will find that they are supported by a company loyal to their growth an achievement as well. 


​​​​​​​​Would You Enjoy Working With SouthWest Landscape Inc.?

Southern California is rich in experienced landscape professionals. If you are one of these professionals currently seeking a position working in the landscape maintenance industry, please read this information before you submit an application for employment. 

SouthWest Landscape Inc., employs a group of talented and valued people whom are passionate about nature, and are committed to the mission and values of the company. We invite you to read about our mission and values on this website.