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SouthWest Landscape Inc., cares about nurturing the life force that is alive in the nature surrounding us in our lives at home and at work.




Plant health maintenance, is an area within our standard service. Our professionals, on the job, are experienced in identifying any problems in the health of the turf, groundcover, shrubs, or trees. Any irregularity with leaves, stems, growths or visible soil sediments are reported to their account managers for client communications. 

Client communications is also a clear message of our care. SouthWest Landscape Inc., is rooted in their service vision; "Serving with a passion in delivering a legendary customer service experience". We recognize that listening and responding to the desires and instructions of our clients is our clearest way to make our service vision a true result of our work. We want to know what makes you happy, and what accomplishes your goals, outdoors. 

In 35 years of continually nurturing relationships with our clients, and their landscapes, SouthWest Landscape Inc., is positioned to be a reliable partner for you in your property management career.​

This is why environmental stewardship is our core concern. We believe all life in nature deserves respect and is worthy of responsible stewardship in the way we work. We strive to achieve the highest, mutually beneficial relationship between water distribution, soil nutrients,and climate placement for all living plantlife in your landscape.

​​Environmental Stewardship is our core concern